Did you know?

Tiger’s Eye is known as the stone of truth

Looking for the truth? Well Tiger’s Eye might be the stone for you! According to historians, Tiger’s Eye is known as the stone of truth and adding our Tiger’s Eye stone beads design gift to your inspired wardrobe, will help bring truth to the forefront in your active life. Tiger’s Eye can be found all around the world.

Tiger’s Eye is known for its red brown and silky looking color. In ancient times Tiger’s Eye was used as a talisman of knowing and all seeing. In ancient Egyptian culture Tiger’s Eye was used and worn by many priests and priestesses. Temples to the ancient Egyptian gods Ra and Geb were adorned with Tiger’s Eye. In terms of hardness on the Mohs scale, the tiger’s eye ranks at 7 out of 10, making it relatively hard and durable for everyday wear.

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Tiger’s Eye Properties and benefits

At Beteck, we know we have the perfect gift for you. In many modern day metaphysical communities Tiger’s Eye is regarded as a stone of good luck and fortune. Tiger’s Eye is said to help attract a healthy and steady flow of money to ones life and home. Tiger’s Eye known to be the perfect stone for one to wear when making big changes in one's life. Tiger’s Eye is also said to help increase one’s insight and the perception of one’s surroundings.

Many wearers of Tiger’s Eye says it helps them in boosting their emotional stability and energy levels while going through the many ups and downs of life. Tiger’s Eye is said to also help aid oneself in resolving personal crisis’s. Tiger’s Eye is popular for its power in helping activating the base and root chakras, as well as, the sacral chakra. Tiger’s Eye also helps in balancing and soothing tensions between friends and family members. It promotes harmony and helps when approach life with an objective point of view. Tiger’s Eye is also great for meditation and can help you get past mental blocks.

In conclusion

With so many positives you really can’t go wrong with our Tiger’s Eye stone beads. So feel free to buy one of our Tiger eyes designs to your loved ones or offer one for yourself, and you will leave to never regret.

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