Hawk’s eye can also be called Falcon’s eye. At times, confused with the tiger eyes or eagle eyes. In the early 1800s, the Hawk’s eye was first extracted, with the initial pieces being discovered and mined in South Africa which was further examined and evaluated in Europe. The stone has been since found in other places around the world, from Australia to Burma to the United States.


The hawk's eye stone is fibrous quartz, technically classified as a quartz pseudomorph that began life as crocidolite. Generally, it's an opaque or slightly translucent stone that readily accepts a polish, resulting in a nice sheen. Additionally, the fibrous elements create a visual effect known as chatoyancy. Hawk's eye is typically blue, with some pieces leaning toward gray while others may appear slightly green. The coloring is a result of reduced iron levels as the crocidolite transforms. When the iron levels remain high, the color ends up golden, and that version is called tiger's eye.


Some consider the stone to be capable of instilling calmness in the wearer, with some even claiming it is effective at helping to calm anxiety disorders and panic attacks.


According to historians, Hawk’s Eye is also a marvelous stone for clarity.  It helps us to see both the details and the “big picture” and to unify them into a cohesive whole.  It encourages us to think intelligently and to not believe everything we hear or  see on the outraged news.  Hawk’s Eye invites us to think calmly and logically, and to check if something makes sense before we give into any strong emotional reactions.  It is a great choice for intellectual pursuits and can help us to understand sophisticated ideas.  It also encourages diplomacy and helps in creating positive alliances which can help us create win-win situations.  It would be an ideal stone for anyone pursuing a political career or taking on a leadership role.


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